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Starting on Saturday 22nd June

Functional Fitness

for 50+

 9.15am at

Longbridge - St John Baptist Church Hall


For seniors /  50+





St John Baptist, Church Hall

Off Longbridge Lane / Turves Green

B31 4 JW




Ascension Church Hall,

Pineapple Grove / Pineapple Road

B30 2TJ (Bus Route 27)


Functional Fitness  is about exercising to improve your function - day to day life. It encompasses everyday movements, focusing on speed, agility, range of motion, core strength, balance and flexibility.


Is that what exercise is always about?


Well not always.....


Whilst any exercise is likely to be better than nothing. Modern gyms and trends in use of machines tend to focus on ‘mirror muscles’ muscles you can see. Thats great for young active 20 year olds, but as we get older this approach leads to injury and restrictions in our movement.


Our body is a ‘system’ of many muscles all interelated. For example back ache can arise due to leg muscles.


If we dont maintain whole body fitness we start restricting our movements, once we do that we enter a negative process of ‘deconditioning’. As we stop moving in particular ways this further impacts on other moves and when we cant move as much, we move less, put on weight and so it goes on…....


But you can change that.


Our bodies can respond and improve from exercise at any age!

A functional fitness session incorporates exercises to help you develop whole body strength, range of body movement and balance. These are all important to help you with day to day life, with the bonus that you are able to do more on a day to day basis, using up calories, enjoying life!

Exercises can be progressed or regressed (made easier). We are all different, but wherever we start from we can improve.

And hopefully you will find its fun!


Q: I am 48 years old - can I still come?

A: Yes of course! System Fitness identifies a 50 + age range to emphasise the focus of training it seeks to provide. It recognises that age is not the best indicator of fitness levels - we are all different.

However the style of training is intended to support an older age group placing a particular emphasis on long term benefits.

Q: Are there shower facilities?

Unfortunately not - sorry!

Q: I am unsure about coming as I will not know anyone

A: The class is intended to be friendly and welcoming - hopefully a social occasion. So its a chance to meet new people.

Q: I have limited mobility will I still benefit?

A: All exercises are used which can be 'regressed' to those who may have restricted mobility - particularly chair based.

Q: What equipment is used?

A: Class is intended to incorporate exercises which can be undertaken in normal life. So no specialist equipment is used or needed. Floor mats and chairs are provided. Some additional items (eg bands / light weights) will be included from time to time.

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